using ubuntu

I had to go back to using ubuntu again in my computer desktop as my windows had been acting up. the problem started when my old graphics card died and I had to use the new one and the problem was that this new graphic card that is GT630 has a problem with its driver so when I installed the driver in windows 7 or windows XP, it just won’t work and the display is just worsened and not very smooth. even in windows 7 the screen always shows blue screen of death everytime I installed the drivers.

so yeah, in conclusion I had to let go of everything windows and now use ubuntu and as it turns out ubuntu can handle this graphic cards really well and the display is smooth and stable. I just need to learn all the command line and install necessary software for making my experience with ubuntu a lot better. beside I am also planning to use VPS in the coming days so having ubuntu will smoother the experience in managing a server as I need to adapt in using command line.




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