email hosting

when you run a business then it is very important to own a custom domain associated with your company and also have email that has a custom address so as to add business credence and proffesionalism to your marketing. and this is why email hosting comes into play.

there are 2 ways to send email, by using email provider like google apps, zoho mail and others or you can just get a server and install email software like zimbra in the server. although the latter requires you to have a sysadmin that will have to standby 24/7 in managing the email server. because if you don’t monitor the server then you might miss those important email from your client and this can be troublesome.

if you used email hosting from shared IP then there is a higher degree that your email IP address might get blacklisted due to spam. and hence will get blocked when you send the email to your client’s email address. so my advice is to use trusted email hosting like google apps or zoho. I had used both of this service and they are just good. although google apps gives you much more functionalities and ask you to pay first to use it.

no matter what, email is still an important tools in delivering messages across business partners and that’s why you should invest money in using better email hosting.


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