Planet Feed for https

I think I haven’t try to post stuff for a while here, well life happens and I am so busy with something else. I like to read blog post especially those with clear writing and sometimes I subscribe to that blogpost by email. But I can’t be bothered by phone vibration everytime some posting came through my inbox. I need to create a way where I can view all my necessary blog posting feed in a website that I made. hence I created a planet feed using python called

this planet will gather all the blog postings that are relevant to me and appears to have important information. So yeah I advise you to also use it. if you want. Reading blog post is much more beneficial than reading through facebook status which is getting dumber every single day.

I have a problem before when using my planet feed here, and I even posted the problem in my StackOverflow post. The problem begins when the planet feed that I install can’t accept the posting made from a blog that uses https but this feed gladly accepts HTTP website thus able to shows the feed. so this presents a problem as many blogging sites now uses https especially while in blog spot they still use HTTP which is still helpful.

so then I came up with a solution, that is to burn a feed through Feedburner from google. By putting the RSS feed of that https site then I can get the link provided by Feedburner who still uses HTTP and then able to retrieve the posting provided by Feedburner. This is the best way to manage your feed.


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