Content Writing

for a few months I have been doing some content writing for blogs, they made me write about all kinds of stuff. Chemistry, Indonesian facts, some herbal benefits and all of those things that have to be unique in writing. And yes I did get some good money out of it.

It teaches me about structured writing, about grammars. Now everytime I type something in english I made sure to use grammarly extension in chrome to warns me of any mistake in grammar and it works. My writing has become so much better with grammarly installed. Now I just need to upgrade my account to premium so I can enjoy even more benefits of great writing.

I am still working on the dating site and some magento 2 commerce sites. so yeah my jobs now has been online things. that make me always be online 24/7, I guess this is what programmers do in their life. I also have been making this dating site to get people to engage with one another and many great plugins are installed there.

and yes everytime I am able to solve things the more knowledge I am regarding troubleshooting stuff.

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