How to know what day from a date?

I am gonna teach you how to know what day it is based on a certain given date with its month. first, you need to look at below table.

Month Day
January Saturday
February Monday
March Tuesday
April Tuesday
May Sunday
June Wednesday
July Friday
August Monday
September Thursday
October Saturday
November Tuesday
December Thursday

so here’s how it works

For any given month, all the multiples of 7 fall on the same day. I usually have memorized what day that is for the current month and the next few months. So October is a “Saturday month” and November is a “Tuesday month” and December is a “Thursday month”. You only have to memorize a new one every month.

Now when somebody says, “We should get together one Saturday. Say… December 12.” you can snap back with “That’s a Tuesday. Do you mean December 9?” All you have to do is find the nearest multiple of 7 and work from there. So when they ask about December 12, that’s close to December 14 – which must be a Thursday (since December 2016 is a Thursday month).

that’s mean you need to look at the table that I’ve just made you above and use the theory from Lifehacker to find out what day it is based on the given date and month.

let’s say we’re trying to find out what day it is during 17 August which is the independence day in Indonesia. since August is a Monday month then the 14th would be Monday and 17th would be Thursday. Hence Indonesia will have independence day on a Thursday. Pretty useful if you need to know the day of the week in the coming month. but for days that are much more farther then just use google to find out.

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