making username clickable in events manager

I need to make the profile picture of those users who will attend my event to be clickable. you can see this below picture to know what I am talking about.


and this is the URL of the said event.

so how to make the profile picture clickable for attendee list of an event?

the answer is by using this code below

 This custom template will make the username link to buddypress profile page using placeholder #_ATTENDEELIST
1. Create these folders inside your current theme directory plugins/events-manager/placeholders
   eg. wp-content/themes/Your Theme/plugins/events-manager/placeholders
2. Inside the above custom directory, create new php file attendeeslist.php
   eg. wp-content/themes/Your Theme/plugins/events-manager/placeholders/attendeeslist.php
3. edit attendeeslist.php and paste the below snippet
4. use placeholder #_ATTENDEESLIST in your formatting options at Events > Settings > Formatting > Events
<?php /* @var $EM_Event EM_Event */ $people = array(); $EM_Bookings = $EM_Event->get_bookings();
if( count($EM_Bookings->bookings) > 0 ){
<ul class="event-attendees">
        <?php $guest_bookings = get_option('dbem_bookings_registration_disable'); $guest_booking_user = get_option('dbem_bookings_registration_user'); foreach( $EM_Bookings as $EM_Booking){ if($EM_Booking->booking_status == 1 && !in_array($EM_Booking->get_person()->ID, $people) ){
                        $people[] = $EM_Booking->get_person()->ID;
                        echo '

                }elseif($EM_Booking->booking_status == 1 && $guest_bookings && $EM_Booking->get_person()->ID == $guest_booking_user ){  
                        echo '



you can see many more custom code for events manager plugin in this link

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