Orange is the new black

The leaked episode of orange is the new black has so many great things coming. it is an addictive tv series. and thanks for the hackers who release it early that greatly help me in enjoying one of the finest story in television.

The story starts after the season 4 cliffhangers that daya get a hold of the gun from the prison officer and then litchfield prison went into total prison riots.

you can download the leaked season 5 and the whole 10 episodes here



Content Writing

for a few months I have been doing some content writing for blogs, they made me write about all kinds of stuff. Chemistry, Indonesian facts, some herbal benefits and all of those things that have to be unique in writing. And yes I did get some good money out of it.

It teaches me about structured writing, about grammars. Now everytime I type something in english I made sure to use grammarly extension in chrome to warns me of any mistake in grammar and it works. My writing has become so much better with grammarly installed. Now I just need to upgrade my account to premium so I can enjoy even more benefits of great writing.

I am still working on the dating site and some magento 2 commerce sites. so yeah my jobs now has been online things. that make me always be online 24/7, I guess this is what programmers do in their life. I also have been making this dating site to get people to engage with one another and many great plugins are installed there.

and yes everytime I am able to solve things the more knowledge I am regarding troubleshooting stuff.

Planet Feed for https

I think I haven’t try to post stuff for a while here, well life happens and I am so busy with something else. I like to read blog post especially those with clear writing and sometimes I subscribe to that blogpost by email. But I can’t be bothered by phone vibration everytime some posting came through my inbox. I need to create a way where I can view all my necessary blog posting feed in a website that I made. hence I created a planet feed using python called

this planet will gather all the blog postings that are relevant to me and appears to have important information. So yeah I advise you to also use it. if you want. Reading blog post is much more beneficial than reading through facebook status which is getting dumber every single day.

I have a problem before when using my planet feed here, and I even posted the problem in my StackOverflow post. The problem begins when the planet feed that I install can’t accept the posting made from a blog that uses https but this feed gladly accepts HTTP website thus able to shows the feed. so this presents a problem as many blogging sites now uses https especially while in blog spot they still use HTTP which is still helpful.

so then I came up with a solution, that is to burn a feed through Feedburner from google. By putting the RSS feed of that https site then I can get the link provided by Feedburner who still uses HTTP and then able to retrieve the posting provided by Feedburner. This is the best way to manage your feed.


why did the turkish coup failed?

the condition to safely assumed that the coup is successful is that the rogue soldiers occupy the government building for at least 7 days. but since the turkish rogue troops only able to occupy only a few hours then we can call it a failed coup and here’s several reason why.

the only way for the coup to succeed is for the rebels to keep president Erdogan out of the picture. upon which the rebels had been unable to achieve hence the failure. Erdogan asked the turkish people to flood the streets and fight the coup and the tanks that littered the streets and this compelled the military to back downs and enable turkish people to take back the airport and TV station back to civilian rule.

this coup as it seems didn’t have backing across turkish armed forces and that’s why they were able to be squashed early.

for now though it was unclear who initiate the coup, everything still dark. what interesting is the fact that the rogue soldiers attempted to block the bridge and also the airport so as to prevent people from going out and going in. and they also try to occupy TV station but they forget to switch off the internet which led to people uprising against them.

well at least, future Coup d’etat can learn from the failure of turkish rogue soldiers and shall be written in the history of just another failed coup.

what is a girl?

because I have been coding all the time so it’d be good to share a girl photo that I get to know of and went into her home today for lebaran. she’s nice and her name is lulu.

my high school friends back then 10 years ago, easy going and I can talk about a lot of things and still able to maintain her attention to the things that I am discussing about.

ah well, I am still thinking of what my next move would be.

video upload

I have been learning to upload and edit video in youtube. so here are 2 of my best video so far.

if you have video then it’d be best to upload it in youtube or vimeo rather than hosting it in your server as the bandwidth your server might get bogged down by the constant demand of the video. and also hosting it in youtube solves the problem of video conversion and also mobile device detection. as youtube has been quite adept at solving video conversion and accessibility in many devices that watch youtube.


silicon valley

watching silicon valley really gave me an inspiration towards managing a company, which is the main gist is that if you had a chance to make money then you need to grab on to it and don’t invest in something that are uncertain unless you had strong financial backing.

the conclusion that can be surmised from silicon valley final episode is that they’re cash broke. They blew like their last $1.5 million on marketing. And it didn’t work. and also add to the fact that they hired fake users in bangladesh that continues to strain their financing

Even after Nelson and Erlich put their last collective $1 million into buying Pied Piper, Pied Piper didn’t get any of that money. It all went to Raviga as part of the liquidation sale. Continue reading