about me

my name is jacobian and I live in indonesia, and this is my blog. you can also find me here

okay enough about me, if you want to contact me you can do so by emailing me at admin@jacobian.web.id
and if I have time I would surely reply you. thanks.

I also created a subdomain for forum and copy_paste feel free to use it then.

10 comments on “about me

  1. miss.granger says:

    kemana aja bos? lama banget ga liat kamu… gimana TA-nya?

  2. fitri says:

    Hi Yakob,

    Nice to know you,
    The girl above, is she your girl friend?


  3. getaran.com says:

    Salam kenal.
    Mari bergabung dgn getaran.com

  4. onang says:

    getaran.com itu situs apa yach
    visit my blog @ anakkebo.wordpress.com

  5. blog walking…
    nice blog by the way 🙂

  6. ulie says:

    salam kenal mas yakob hehehehehe

  7. Sigit Ary says:

    Hi.. nice blog man.. and ur english is very good. I wonder that someday my blog will full in english. 🙂

  8. sara says:

    hello, can I have your e-mail adress please?

  9. arkannr says:

    you did good job.
    nice blog..

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