making username clickable in events manager

I need to make the profile picture of those users who will attend my event to be clickable. you can see this below picture to know what I am talking about.


and this is the URL of the said event.

so how to make the profile picture clickable for attendee list of an event?

the answer is by using this code below

 This custom template will make the username link to buddypress profile page using placeholder #_ATTENDEELIST
1. Create these folders inside your current theme directory plugins/events-manager/placeholders
   eg. wp-content/themes/Your Theme/plugins/events-manager/placeholders
2. Inside the above custom directory, create new php file attendeeslist.php
   eg. wp-content/themes/Your Theme/plugins/events-manager/placeholders/attendeeslist.php
3. edit attendeeslist.php and paste the below snippet
4. use placeholder #_ATTENDEESLIST in your formatting options at Events > Settings > Formatting > Events
<?php /* @var $EM_Event EM_Event */ $people = array(); $EM_Bookings = $EM_Event->get_bookings();
if( count($EM_Bookings->bookings) > 0 ){
<ul class="event-attendees">
        <?php $guest_bookings = get_option('dbem_bookings_registration_disable'); $guest_booking_user = get_option('dbem_bookings_registration_user'); foreach( $EM_Bookings as $EM_Booking){ if($EM_Booking->booking_status == 1 && !in_array($EM_Booking->get_person()->ID, $people) ){
                        $people[] = $EM_Booking->get_person()->ID;
                        echo '

                }elseif($EM_Booking->booking_status == 1 && $guest_bookings && $EM_Booking->get_person()->ID == $guest_booking_user ){  
                        echo '



you can see many more custom code for events manager plugin in this link


How to know what day from a date?

I am gonna teach you how to know what day it is based on a certain given date with its month. first, you need to look at below table.

Month Day
January Saturday
February Monday
March Tuesday
April Tuesday
May Sunday
June Wednesday
July Friday
August Monday
September Thursday
October Saturday
November Tuesday
December Thursday

so here’s how it works

For any given month, all the multiples of 7 fall on the same day. I usually have memorized what day that is for the current month and the next few months. So October is a “Saturday month” and November is a “Tuesday month” and December is a “Thursday month”. You only have to memorize a new one every month.

Now when somebody says, “We should get together one Saturday. Say… December 12.” you can snap back with “That’s a Tuesday. Do you mean December 9?” All you have to do is find the nearest multiple of 7 and work from there. So when they ask about December 12, that’s close to December 14 – which must be a Thursday (since December 2016 is a Thursday month).

that’s mean you need to look at the table that I’ve just made you above and use the theory from Lifehacker to find out what day it is based on the given date and month.

let’s say we’re trying to find out what day it is during 17 August which is the independence day in Indonesia. since August is a Monday month then the 14th would be Monday and 17th would be Thursday. Hence Indonesia will have independence day on a Thursday. Pretty useful if you need to know the day of the week in the coming month. but for days that are much more farther then just use google to find out.

Silicon valley

Silicon Valley newest episode of 3 really enlightened me to enormous problems that befall a startup. that is why you should be able to understand the law of the land. Such as reading the terms of service, TOS as it called provide a legal ground when you are getting sued over something. By writing about the aspects of your business and the scope of customer you’d want to achieve then TOS can be a lifesaver when you hit the legal problem. Although in Indonesia, there isn’t really such a things as a legal problem for IT company here since there isn’t that many of it. But by hiring a lawyer and studying the current law then you’ll be able to run stuff smoothly.

There are also many great jokes in silicon valley that will make you understand how to deal with programmers. The programmer doesn’t have feelings, they talk like a robot and don’t socialize that much.

Orange is the new black

The leaked episode of orange is the new black has so many great things coming. it is an addictive tv series. and thanks for the hackers who release it early that greatly help me in enjoying one of the finest story in television.

The story starts after the season 4 cliffhangers that daya get a hold of the gun from the prison officer and then litchfield prison went into total prison riots.

you can download the leaked season 5 and the whole 10 episodes here


Content Writing

for a few months I have been doing some content writing for blogs, they made me write about all kinds of stuff. Chemistry, Indonesian facts, some herbal benefits and all of those things that have to be unique in writing. And yes I did get some good money out of it.

It teaches me about structured writing, about grammars. Now everytime I type something in english I made sure to use grammarly extension in chrome to warns me of any mistake in grammar and it works. My writing has become so much better with grammarly installed. Now I just need to upgrade my account to premium so I can enjoy even more benefits of great writing.

I am still working on the dating site and some magento 2 commerce sites. so yeah my jobs now has been online things. that make me always be online 24/7, I guess this is what programmers do in their life. I also have been making this dating site to get people to engage with one another and many great plugins are installed there.

and yes everytime I am able to solve things the more knowledge I am regarding troubleshooting stuff.

Planet Feed for https

I think I haven’t try to post stuff for a while here, well life happens and I am so busy with something else. I like to read blog post especially those with clear writing and sometimes I subscribe to that blogpost by email. But I can’t be bothered by phone vibration everytime some posting came through my inbox. I need to create a way where I can view all my necessary blog posting feed in a website that I made. hence I created a planet feed using python called

this planet will gather all the blog postings that are relevant to me and appears to have important information. So yeah I advise you to also use it. if you want. Reading blog post is much more beneficial than reading through facebook status which is getting dumber every single day.

I have a problem before when using my planet feed here, and I even posted the problem in my StackOverflow post. The problem begins when the planet feed that I install can’t accept the posting made from a blog that uses https but this feed gladly accepts HTTP website thus able to shows the feed. so this presents a problem as many blogging sites now uses https especially while in blog spot they still use HTTP which is still helpful.

so then I came up with a solution, that is to burn a feed through Feedburner from google. By putting the RSS feed of that https site then I can get the link provided by Feedburner who still uses HTTP and then able to retrieve the posting provided by Feedburner. This is the best way to manage your feed.


email hosting

when you run a business then it is very important to own a custom domain associated with your company and also have email that has a custom address so as to add business credence and proffesionalism to your marketing. and this is why email hosting comes into play.

there are 2 ways to send email, by using email provider like google apps, zoho mail and others or you can just get a server and install email software like zimbra in the server. although the latter requires you to have a sysadmin that will have to standby 24/7 in managing the email server. because if you don’t monitor the server then you might miss those important email from your client and this can be troublesome.

if you used email hosting from shared IP then there is a higher degree that your email IP address might get blacklisted due to spam. and hence will get blocked when you send the email to your client’s email address. so my advice is to use trusted email hosting like google apps or zoho. I had used both of this service and they are just good. although google apps gives you much more functionalities and ask you to pay first to use it.

no matter what, email is still an important tools in delivering messages across business partners and that’s why you should invest money in using better email hosting.